Alvin Tyner - Founder & CEO

Alvin started the company, late summer 2016, after realizing mainstream news media and establishment politicians have deserted us. As someone that graduated in 2008 during the recession, it became painfully clear that our media had no real interest in educating people about politics, political policies or politicians. Even worse, it was clear that no matter how disconnected and neglectful the government was toward voters, no one in the mainstream has the stomach or the conscience to tell us the simple truth: Our Government Doesn't Represent Us.

Alvin felt he could do something to help. He designed the app and was the architect behind its core functions, most notably: the matching algorithm. The goal, being simple: Figure out your political beliefs, find out if your representatives agree with you, and if they don't, get rid of them!

Alvin is an Independent that grew up in a very politically active, Democrat heavy family. Democrat heavy due to the fact that civil rights legend and Georgia congressman John Lewis is part of that family. Alvin is a huge believer of political literacy and believes everyone in the country should have baseline knowledge of their government.

Having an eclectic professional background, Alvin's core skills stem from design, political media (on both sides), marketing and programming.

Alvin, who currently lives in Los Angeles, was born in

Kansas City, Missouri and is a rabid Chiefs fan.

Adam Reeb - COO

Adam grew up and eventually attended college in South Florida. He liked to spend his time playing music, shooting photos and being involved in a close-knit punk rock music scene. His involvement within this eclectic scene is what sparked his passion for politics and social justice. Songs of equality, justice, compassion, government corruption, and “standing up for what is right" rang loudly in Adam’s young adult life. This helped shape the perspective and built the foundation of his overall view of society today. Growing up in an area with such great wealth divide, it was easy to see the injustices of a broken system which help create the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The fire for justice would begin to grow.

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, with a bachelors in media/film, Adam made his way across the country to Los Angeles. This is where he cuts his teeth in the entertainment industry, specializing in post production, visual effects, design, and animation. Working in this field has been a lot of fun, but also a great educational opportunity in communication and the general broadcast of ideas. While continuing to work within this exciting field, an undying need to help fight for a more just and balanced country continued to grow. It’s hard to be grateful for the things that we're so privileged to have while so many people go without the basic needs of things that they need. While trying to navigate a career through the throes of the great recession, it becomes more clear that the reason we are so unbalanced as a society is because we have become a more increasingly corrupt society.

Adam believes there is a strong need for unity and solidarity among the concept of equality and justice in our country. We aren’t to rally behind any one particular political party. We are to rally behind the ideas of a more equal society where all voices are heard, all votes are counted, and our representatives serve the people and not the lobbyists that line their pockets. We are a broken system in need of repair. This is where Civvy comes in. We unite people in an effort to have a voice, make it heard and hold those in power accountable to the people and the constitution they swore an oath to uphold.

May a high: moral level, compassion, and love guide our way to a more perfect union.

Mary Nash - Content Specialist

Mary is currently getting her MBA at USC with a certification in technology commercialization and previously worked at Ticketmaster for the last 3+ years as a Marketing Manager. As a business student, she's constantly seeking out ways to bring voter education to scale and thinks Civvy will be the tool to do so. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles, running, and off-road camping trips.