The Civvy Mission

We believe that viewing ourselves as simply "Left" or "Right" does a disservice to discourse. Humans are way too complicated to be locked in to one half of a full spectrum. A political identity can be as unique as a fingerprint and it's time our political media reflected that. Our focus is making sure our officials are really the best people to represent us and if there's misrepresentation (likely corruption) that needs to be cut out of our government, we know where to lay the blade.

Civvy is guided by these tenets:

  • Truth & Objectivity - Civvy will bring facts and information to user in the most fair-minded way possible and in full context.

  • Integrity - Civvy will be 100% objective, regardless of the consequences to/from governments (foreign and domestic), businesses (affiliated or not - including Civvy Inc.), or individuals (affiliated or not). Nothing is safe from the truth.

  • Impartiality - Civvy will not exclusively support nor suppress political candidates, action, or beliefs. Civvy will, however, facilitate discussion of all political beliefs and political figures, so long as they fit within the United States overton window and are substantive. No ad hominem.

  • Responsibility - Civvy is responsible for upholding its core beliefs of Truth, Objectivity, Integrity, and Impartiality and will not break from them for any reason, especially for monetary gain or political leverage.
    • Civvy has a responsibility to its employees and will provided fair compensation in addition to a safe, open-minded, politically stimulating and creative workplace.
    • Civvy has a responsibility to society and will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of society.

  • Accountability - If Civvy breaks from it’s core beliefs, intentionally or unintentionally, amends must be publicly made in the form of, but not limited to: apologies, retractions and/or removal of personnel.

"Civvy's strength comes from the trust it earns from the people.
This trust must be, forever, guarded."

Alvin Tyner

Founder and CEO