Civvy - Civics for the Savvy - is a platform designed to help Americans be politically engaged and understand their place in civics. We don't want our users to just receive political news and information, we want them to understand how government affects them and, in-turn, how they can affect government. We aim to help users discover their political identity and connect them to politicians and news sources that match their views. At the same time, we want them to have easy access to the "other side".

Civvy breaks down political information and present it in a neat, personable and digestible little package.

Thanks to our proprietary matching algorithm, we not only tell users who represents them, we show if they're being represented well. And if your officials aren't a good match for you, we can introduce you to candidates who are.

Politics is hard. We make it easy!

There are many independent news outlets out there and they are doing extraordinary work covering politics. Unfortunately, they don't have the support they need and deserve.

Civvy aims to be the future and primary hub for independent political news media. We want to elevate opinions, encourage debate, and shine a spotlight on creators who dare to buck establishment orthodoxy.

We want to create a space where questioning the establishment narrative doesn't get your favorite content creator demonetized, hidden, or banished...especially if they're correct.

Track your favorite politicians and political candidates.

Civvy makes it easy to access biographies, contact information, and political stances of top politicians and we're adding more every day.

Civvy Survey allows the app to figure out a user's political leanings. The more interaction, the more accurate and helpful the app becomes!

Additionally, this information will make it possible to map out the leanings of the country and guide our representatives on how best to govern.

All this equalling a quicker, more responsive democracy.